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Smart city technical strategy and digital architecture

Digital masterplanning

3D modelling & simulation of buildings, precincts and cities

Local SME incubation & growth

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Redpill Group Ltd

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Energy and asset efficiency audits

Real-time asset mapping, management and control

Systems integration and technical architecture

Cost reduction programmes with value enhancement

Dr Robin Daniels, Managing Director        Jill Sinclair, Finance & Operations Director
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Technology and commercial strategy development

Opportunity matching and acceleration to market

Integration with bundled, turn-key, solutions

Bespoke technology design and innovation

​​​Redpill Group Business Accelerator

Supporting our strategic work and in partnership with client companies and leading businesses around the world, Redpill offers a suite of integrated tools for city planners, developers, building owners, operators and others involved in creating and running efficient cities and infrastructure for the future.

Complexity is a way of life. We live in a world of accelerating change, constrained resources and complex challenges.

Redpill Group we don't just understand this world, we thrive in it. As strategy consultants and innovators in urban technologies and development we operate at the leading edge of the public and private sectors. We make sense of chaos; providing clear vision and driving positive change. 
But that's not all - we walk the talk. We innovate, incubate, build and support new companies; developing new technologies, providing technical services and working with partners to take them to global markets. 

Above all, we focus on the needs of the end-user; the customer, the client, the citizen.

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Whether you're a city leader or a start-up founder, a university chief or a technologist looking for traction - we can help.

​​Redpill Group Strategy Consulting


Smart city & regeneration strategy development

Industry partnerships, investment & innovation support

Technology strategy & architecture

PR, messaging & communications



City & national government relations

Regional economic development strategy

Industry partnerships, investment & innovation support

PR, messaging & communications


Technology and commercial strategy development

Strategic alliance and partnership building

Business planning and revenue growth

PR, messaging & communications

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