“Not since Mayor Joseph Chamberlain sought to make

Birmingham the new Athens at the end of the 19th century

has anyone round here dared to dream this big” 

The Guardian, Feature Writer, Stuart Jeffries.

Here at Redpill Group Ltd, we relish the opportunity to

work with truly inspirational people who challenge the

status quo and force us to reimagine our relationship with

nature, the environment, the landscape and places that

we call home. Professor Kathryn Moore is one such

person and it’s our privilege to be supporting the

development of her brainchild, the West Midlands National

Park, through the West Midlands National Park Lab.

Our work with Prof Moore has included the submission of

her work to the recent UK Research Excellence

Framework exercise, which assesses (among other

things) the impact of academic research. The outstanding

Impact Case Study that resulted bears testament to 20

years of redefining our view of landscape – at a time when

a radical, provocative and challenging alternative is precisely

what the world needs.

"[Kathryn Moore's work] had an extraordinary impact on perceptions of what National Parks are”….“the review’s report, quite remarkably, endorsed the application of National Park principles to cities. That we did so was due directly to Professor Moore’s vision and maps . This shows how, by reframing the way we think about National Parks, urban populations could benefit." UK Government's Glover Landscapes Review. 

“[It is…] changing the way we think about the environment, our health and the way our economy grows" Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands.

“[Professor Moore's work] persuaded HS2 (High Speed Two) Ltd to set up the Urban Integration team in 2018 to maximise the opportunities from integrating the line with its urban surroundings. This is delivering ground-breaking insights and opportunities along the whole route” HS2 Independent Design Review Panel.

“the artificial distinction that is made between tangible and intangible heritage currently enshrined in two United Nations Conventions, as well as in the traditional distinctions made between culture, economy and sustainable development in other UN tools and practices [requires] a paradigm shift, supported by Moore’s research”. Former UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture, Francesco Bandarin. 

West Midlands National Park Lab
WMNP Lab REF 2021 Case Study 

Robin Daniels is the Co-Director of the West Midlands National Park Lab.